Economic and Financial Review


S.C. Rapu


Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria


Federalism, Constitution, Inter-Governmental fiscal relations, Tax assignments, Revenue-Sharing, FiscaI imbalances


This paper builds on the history, as well as, the current legal framework of tax assignment and revenue-sharing in Nigeria to identify the challenges while also drawing from the theoretical framework for policy options which will provtde for a stable federal system in Nigeria. The paper recommended among others the strengthening of states internal revenue bases, adjustments on the vertical and hoizontal revenue-shaing formula, and effective compliance with the allocation of the mandatory 10% of states' intemally generated revenue. The paper concludes that changes to the existing tax assignment and revenue-sharing arrangements will go a long way in protecting our nascent democracy.





Recommended Citation

Rapu, S. C. (2006). Tax assignment and revenue sharing in Nigeria: challenges and options. Economic and Financial Review, 44 (1), 1-44.



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