Economic and Financial Review


C. C. Itsede


Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria.


Corporate Governance, Risk-Based Banking Supervision (RBBS), Financial Institutions, Financial crisis, Central Banks, Financial System Stability.


Corporate governance has changed tremendously over the past two decades. These changes have been driven by new laws, regulations, guidelines and rising investor and public expectations. In the past, many boards were under the thumb of their chief executive officers (CEOs); this is no longer the case. Today, boards generally strive to govern their companies by benchmarking a set of best practices which have emerged and codified in corporate governance laws, stock exchange listing rules and company annual reports. Many individual directors are willing to accept these additional responsibilities. In this paper, the importance and principles of Corporate Governance is discussed, its challenges for Risk-Based Banking Supervision, and then the conclusion.





Recommended Citation

Itsede, C. C. (2008). The challenges of good corporate governance for effective risk-based banking supervision. Economic and Financial Review, 46(4), 169–181.



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