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C. N. Mordi O.


Central Bank of Nigeria.


Executive, Risk management, Nigeria financial sector, Monetary policy, Financial markets.


This is the Special remarks.at the opening ceremony of the 16th edition of the annual in-house Executive Policy Seminar organized by the Research Department, in collaboration with the Human Resources Department. As usual, the seminar is aimed at availing the Executives of the Bank the opportunity of brainstorming on contemporary economic issues in the economy and the globe at large. In this respect, the theme of this year's Seminar "Financial Sector Development: Challenges for Risk-Based Supervision and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Implementation" could not have come at a more opportune time, given the current financial meltdown ravaging global markets. This theme, therefore, provides the opportunity for us, as Executives of the Bank, to exchange views and reflect on the implications of our ever changing financial environment on the risk management of banks and effectiveness of monetary policy implementation in Nigeria.

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The editor is the Director of Research, Central Bank of Nigeria.

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





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Mordi, C. N. O. (2008). Keynote address at the seminar on: "Financial sector developments: challenges for risk based supervision and effective monetary policy implementation. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 46(4), 1-5.

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