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Central Bank of Nigeria.


Consolidated supervision, Banking supervision, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria.


An essential element of banking supervision is that supervisors supervise their banking groups on a consolidated basis, adequately monitoring and, as appropriate, applying prudential norms to all aspects of the business conducted by each group worldwide. This paper examines supervision of banking groups on a consolidated basis which goes beyond accounting consolidation. It simply implies that there is a group-wide approach to supervision whereby all risks taken on by each banking group are taken into account wherever they are booked (i.e. in the bank or in a subsidiary; in Nigeria or elsewhere).

Author Bio

Kim Norris is the Special Adviser to the Governor of CBN on Banking Supervision.

Publication Title

CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Norris, K. (2008). Supervising cross-border banks: matters arising. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 46(4), 183-194.

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