Economic and Financial Review


O. I. Kareem


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Liberalization, Job creation, Error correction Model, Causality, Unemployment.


This study examines the effects of economic liberalization on job creation in Nigeria. Liberalization in the economy is a multidimensional concept that encompasses finance, telecommunication, trade etc. This study narrows globalization to economic liberalization and looks at its effect on job opportunities in Nigeria. Unemployment has been seen as a great problem to global economic development, and in particular, Nigeria's unemployment has been on a spiral increase, which culminated into a reduction in household income and standard of living, thus, increasing the level of poverty. We discovered that openness of the economy and liberalization of custom and excise duties tend to enhance job creation. However, the liberalization of exchange rate and import duties enhance the level of unemployment through high cost of exports.





Recommended Citation

Kareem, O. I. (2009).Economic liberalization and job creation in Nigeria. Economic and Financial Review, 47(1), 69–99.



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