Economic and Financial Review


Central Bank of Nigeria


Household, Consumption, Electricity, Nigeria


The basic objective of this is the study is to identify the major determinants of household electricity demand in Nigeria. Previous studies on Nigeria have examined the issue at the aggregate level. Information from a total of 404 households was gathered for this imperial exploration between march and November 2010. We make use of ordinary least square(OLS ) regression analysis. Household electricity consumption was found to be income and cross-price inelastic. In addition, socioeconomic variables such as household size, number of rooms in the household and hours of power supply are the determinants of household electricity demand in Nigeria. The income inelasticity across all models shows the importance of electricity as a basic need of households in the country.





Recommended Citation

Babatunde, A. M. & Enehe, J. E. (2011) Determinants of household electricity demand in Nigeria. Economic and Financial Review, Vol.49 No.2



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