Economic and Financial Review


Central Bank of Nigeria


Finance, Nigeria, Global Economic Crisis, Vision 20:2020, Transformation Agenda, Central Bank of Nigeria


The paper adopts content analysis method to investigate the underlying assumptions of the pillar of growth within the framework of Nigeria Vision 20:2020 (NV20:2020) and the transformation agenda. The aim is to show how realistic the underlying assumptions are and whether or not the available structure/measures of the financial system would be sufficient to finance the Vision. The conclusion is that the present Transformation Agenda and indeed the Medium-Term Implementation Plans adequately provide for the financing of NV20:2020 if the provisions of the documents are strictly adhered to.

Author Bio

Mr. Lawal Babatunde is the Director, Macroeconomic Analysis Department, National Planning Commission (NPC).

Publication Title

CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Lawal, Babatunde (2011). Financing Nigeria's Growth after the Global Economic Crisis within the Perspective of Vision 20:2020 and the Transformation Agenda. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 49(4), 27-42.



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