Economic and Financial Review


S.A. Tella


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Growth and Development, Inclusive growth, Financial inclusion, Solow neoclassical long-run growth model, Endogenous growth models (EGMs), Romar Model, Lucas Model.


After the introduction, the rest of this paper is divided into four Sections. The next section, Section 2, contains literature on theoretical construct on economic growth and development models, including Inclusive Growth (IG) model while in Section 3 we present the role of money in economic growth. Section 4 looks at models of financial inclusion and evidence of financing inclusive growth in some developing countries. In Section 5, we identified challenges and prospects for financing inclusive growth in Nigeria. Section 5 is the concluding remark where some recommendations are proposed for successful inclusive growth financing in Nigeria.





Recommended Citation

Tella, S. A. (2011). Financing inclusive growth in Nigeria: challenges and prospects. Economic and Financial Review, 49(4), 217-240.



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