Economic and Financial Review


C.M. Anyanwu


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Vision 2020, GDP growth rates, Monetary policy measures, Central Bank of Nigeria, Agricultural sector, Small and Medium industries, Domestic power sector, Microfinance banks.


The paper x-rayed the role of the Central Bank of Nigeria as an agent of economic development. The central bank impacts the economy via: ensuring monetary and price stability; management of external reserves; issue of legal tender currency; financial system management; the payments system; and developmental roles. Its developmental role has been given special attention in recent years with its intervention in the real sector. Monetary and price stability is a necessary but not sufficient condition for attaining higher growth rate and development. Other necessary conditions for the attainment of Vision 2020 include, but not limited to, harmonious and consistent research-based policy formulation and implementation; political will that can see initiatives through and ensure continuity through the setting up of strong institutions backed up by law; and massive investment in the energy sector, particularly electricity generation and distribution, as well as in petroleum refinery development. Other sectors that call for urgent attention are extensive road rehabilitation and construction of new ones, development of the rail system, expansion and modernisation of the airports and the seaports, improvement in the quality of education and health in order to ensure the provision of healthy manpower.





Recommended Citation

Anyanwu, C. M. (2011). The Central Bank of Nigeria and its developmental functions: a review of current initiatives. Economic and Financial Review, 49(4), 193-216.



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