Economic and Financial Review


Central Bank of Nigeria


Finance, Economic Growth, Policy Options, Emerging Economies, Developing Economies, Nigeria


This paper attempts to address the issues of the major impediments to mobilising investment funds, and the appropriate policies for achieving and guaranteeing finance for growth, by assessing the performance of financial policies of selected EMEs in mobilising financial resources for economic growth, and identifying policy options necessary for achieving finance for growth. The rest of the paper is organised as follows. Section 2 discusses the basic characteristics of emerging economies (EMEs), and Section 3 positions Nigeria among the EMEs within the context of finance for growth. Section 4 deals with challenges and constraints of Nigeria in achieving finance for growth, and Section 5 provides possible policy options and conclusion.





Recommended Citation

Olayiwola, Wumi et al. (2011). Finance for Growth and Policy Options for Emerging and Developing Economies: Nigeria. Economic and Financial Review. 49(4), 133 - 159.



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