Economic and Financial Review


Samuel A. Oni


Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria


Banking Regulations, Financial Institutions Regulations, Macro-prudential, Micro-prudential


This paper focuses on the Nigerian experience, with regulation and supervision of financial institutions and is structured into nine sections. Following the introduction, section two discusses the reasons for FIs regulation and supervision, while section three dwells on the meaning and general principles of banking regulation. Section four Nigeria, while section five addresses the structure, organisation and methodology of FIs supervision with particular reference to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Section six highlights CBN's experience in the regulation and supervision of FIs. In section seven the recent CBN initiatives at strengthening the regulatory architecture are presented. Section eight highlights the resolution mechanisms for distressed and failed banks and section nine offers some recommendations and concludes the paper.





Recommended Citation

Oni, S.A. (2012). Regulation and Supervision of Financial Institutions - the Nigerian experience. Economic and Financial Review, 50(4), 107-129



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