Economic and Financial Review


M. K. Tule


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department,


Interest rate pass-through, Money market rates, Vector error correction, Nigeria


This paper appraised the efficacy of the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) as an anchor for other short-term interest rates in the economy. Adopting the vector autoregression approach, the responses of Nigeria's short-term interest rates to changes in the interbank rate (proxy for MPR) was modeled. The paper found that the pass-through from MPR to money market interest rates in the long-run is higher for the prime and lending rates than for changes in the Treasury bill rate and 3-month deposit rate. Overall, there seemed to be an asymmetric impact with an increase or fall in the interbank rate.





Recommended Citation

Tule, M. K (2014). Responsiveness of Nigeria’s short-term interest rates to changes in the policy rate. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 52(3), 49-69



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