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Nigeria has made many policies toward improving the contribution of the agricultural sector in the economy; however, there is a need to fine-tune some of the policies, particularly regarding food security.

There is a need for systemic intervention in the transformation of the agricultural sector including the modernisation/formalisation of the informal sector. T

Therefore, this paper sets out to, among others, investigate the state of food security in Nigeria, especially in relation to the current socio-economic and environmental issues affecting agricultural productivity, and then proffers some policy analytical models and recommendations for ensuring food security in the country.

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The authors Prof. Isaiah O. Olurinola and Evans Osabuohien are of the Department of Economics and Development Studies & Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research (CEPDeR), Covenant University, Ota Nigeria.

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





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Isaiah, O. O. & Evans, O. (2021). Socio-Economic and Environmental Issues: Implications for Food Security in Nigeria. Economic and Financial Review. 59(4), 197-219.



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