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Discussions on food security have gained traction in the recent past, especially in Africa and other developing economies. Several horrifying images of famished families, particularly around “The Horn of Africa” including Somalia, Ethiopia, and some parts of Kenya, projected globally in both the print and electronic media vividly illustrate the perils of food crises. In Nigeria, food constitute a substantial share of family budgets, particularly for low-income households. When prices of essential foods items increase poorer people suffer the adverse impacts more disproportionately. While clothing and shelter are basic necessities of life, food remains the most vital, given its centrality to human existence. It is a known fact that the quest for food security has shaped human history, provoking wars, driving migration and underpinning the growth of nations. Consequently, to prevent food shortages and surmount deprivation, various international organisations and individual countries have embarked on aggressive crusades that will reduce the likelihood of crisis, remedy unsavoury situations and make food affordable to all.

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The author is a staff of the University of Uyo

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





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Onwioduokit, E. A., (2021). Averting the Looming Food Crisis: A Clarion Call to Immediate and Near-term Policy Action. Economic and Financial Review, 59(4), 259-263.



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