Economic and Financial Review


Central Bank of Nigeria


Food Security, Agriculture, Environment, Economy, Food Crisis, Nigeria, Rural-Urban development


The theme of this year’s Seminar is tagged “Food Security in Nigeria: Options for policy”. The central focus of the Seminar is to discuss policy options for tackling the challenges of food insecurity, with the resultant outcomes on poverty reduction, job and wealth creation, as well as overall growth and development of the Nigerian economy. This year’s Seminar provides a unique opportunity for us all, because food holds the key to quality human existence. Indeed, food security is at the core of every nation’s development agenda. The quantity and quality of food available to the citizenry is correlated with the productivity and growth of an economy.

Author Bio

Ms. Itohan M. Ogbomon-Paul is the Branch Controller, Uyo Branch, Central Bank of Nigeria.

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CBN Economic and Financial Review


No. 4


Vol. 59

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Ogbomon-Paul, I. M., (2021). Welcome Address. Economic and Financial Review, 59(4), 7-8.



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