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Nigeria has a vast land area of 91.1 million hectares supported by 1.3 million hectares of water bodies, 3.14 million hectares of irrigated land and a coastal line of over 800 km that is viable for virtually all aspects of agro-allied sector (crops, agro-forestry, fisheries, poultry and livestock). Presently, only 32 million out of the 81 million hectares of arable land is under cultivation and typical farm size ranges between 0.5 hectares and 4 hectares in the southern and northern parts of the country, respectively.To this end, policies are enacted as a deliberate plan of action to guide decisions and achieve national outcomes. Policies usually consist of principles and rules governing the behaviour of persons in an organisation.

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Dr. Rasaq Oyeleke, is the Head, Food and Nutrition, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMA&RD), Abuja

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CBN Economic and Financial Review (EFR)





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Oyeleke Rasaq., An Overview of Federal Government Policies and Programmes for Food Security in Nigeria. Economic and Financial Review, 59(4) -53-65.



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