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To properly address the above topic, we need to examine how the farming community evolved over the years in Nigeria. We equally need to understand the impact of the support policies and programmes of the Federal Government, analyse them, identify which aspects of these policies and programmes require review, and then offer a way forward. We need to examine and define some terms and raise questions that will form the basis of our presentation. These include: Who is a farmer? What is food security? What are the current Federal Government support policies and programmes? How have these policies and programmes supported farmers to enhance farm performance, progress and growth based on the desired, expected or projected objectives and outcomes? What are those Federal Government support policies on food security that require review? What other non-governmental policy programmes on food security that affect the farmers performance, progress and growth that require review?

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Alhaji Muhammad A. Liman is the Managing Director/CEO of Alama Agric Consult, Kano, Nigeria.

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CBN Economic and Financial Review (EFR)





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Liman Muhammad A., A Review of Federal Government Support Policies and Programmes for Food Security: A Farmers Perspective. Economic and Financial Review. 59(4) 79-90



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